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Nuestro Pantoja Baja Gets New Library/Computer Center

January 22, 2022

On January 10th, Bill Wilkinson, Apoyo Escolar President, introduced the finished library and computer room to the students, teachers, parents and guests. The small building has come a long way since our first involvement in 2019. The room has 16 new Chromebooks and over 300 books. The metal table frames were made by a herrero who works for Julian Lopez, of Friday Service. The wood tabletops and bookshelves were made by John Chapman. IENTC provides the internet. Don Lencho, the janitor, was an absolute workhorse on this project, doing the painting, tile laying, roof draining and other things. Finally, the moms and dads of the students were enthusiastic contributors to the project.
This success was due to the strong support and desire to improve her school as shown by the principal, Julieta Rodriguez Olalde. Bill and Julieta communicate via Google translate, but were always on the same page. Bill’s efforts were supported by willing volunteers and donors that shared the vision, particularly Betse Davies and Mary Young.
Pantoja marks the third library and computer room built by Bill and his support group. This is the third library built by Bill and Apoyo Escolar's supporters

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Nuestro Pantoja Baja Gets New Library/Computer Center: News
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